Create a clear overview of the most valued features Use our powerful online tool to base your product development on facts and not assumptions

Record all your ideas, bugs, issues etc. when you encounter them


Engage relevant stakeholder groups and estimate cost, risk & value


Explore which features matter the most and optimize your resources


Plan your road map and share it with stakeholders

explore our solutions

Choose the right solution
to fit your needs

Idea management

One place for all product ideas

Your ideas are the raw material for all product innovation. Be sure to capture, document them wherever they arise and gradually detail and improve them. Break big ideas down to smaller components that can be developed.

Stakeholder engagement

Get structured input from stakeholders

Get estimates from engineers, ratings from customers and strategic priorities from senior management, all input will be aggregated to give you the full view of what you should develop

Roadmap planning

Build the perfect roadmap

Ensure an efficient creation of a roadmap that can be shared with engineers, salespeople, management and customers to keep everybody on the same page about what is coming when. Quickly spot the implications when one project is delayed

By using Sensor Six we get a larger certainty that we are developing the right things. Henning Andersen, Product Strategy Manager, Bluegarden

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